Your Green Life: "Lake Superior Day"

By KBJR News 1

July 17, 2014 Updated Jul 17, 2014 at 8:11 AM CDT

Duluth, MN
The deepest, coldest, and biggest Great Lake has its own day, and that day is coming up this Sunday.

"It actually started in 1990, early 1990, by a group of Thunder Bay residents that wanted to show appreciation for the great lake here and celebrate it a little." says Garrett Kunz, the Production Artist at MN Sea Grant.

Lake Superior is special in many ways. It covers almost 32–thousand square miles and is home to many species of animals, including the humans that live and visit the big blue lake every year.

Kunz says, "It is the most inland port we have here in America. So, a lot of cargo goes in and out of here as well as its the largest fresh body of water here, it can cover all of North America and South America in a foot of water."

There's over 2–thousand 7–hundred miles of shoreline including islands. So there is a lot to celebrate! You can celebrate the beautiful blue lake this weekend.

"We have booths down here, Sea Grant is going to be down here and we're also working with a lot of other organizations." said Kunz.

Communities along the South Shore, and North Shore will also be holding events. Goosberry river is a tributary to Lake Superior, so its only natural that Goosberry State Park will contribute to the festivities.

"Its a guided tour around the shores up there and then they have some other family activities like birth bark paper making and some bingo, things like that. So we are really trying to get the word out and make sure every understands and appreciates lake superior." said Kunz.

A sandcastle building contest will be held on Thursday at park point beach from 11 till 11:30am, followed by more fun activities.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch