Your Green Life: "NNC Going Green"

By KBJR News 1

August 2, 2012 Updated Aug 2, 2012 at 8:41 AM CDT

Since the beginning of televised news, there have been mass quantities of paper used for scripts.
But here at the Northlands News Center we have taken the green step forward and integrated tablet technology into our news cast.

Morning Anchor Courtney Godfrey told me, "I'd say in the morning show, including the directors, producer, anchor scripts, the scripts are probably this thick. I mean that's two loads of paper, that's a lot of paper!"

Each day, about one thousand pieces of paper would be used for the broadcasts.
But with new technology we have been able to significantly reduce our paper usage as well as increase productivity behind the scenes.

"The difference now is that when you print two large amounts of paper in the form of a paper script you had to take your prompter operator and run them out and pass them around. Obviously digital printing like this is way faster, so we don't have to worry about time as much as we used to." Said Dustin DeSanto, the Operations Manager at KBJR.

Time is precious in our business, and the trees we save are too, not to mention the fiscal benefit of reducing paper usage.
Overall the transition from paper to pixel was smooth and welcomed.

"Its good, you know its different, its unlike anything I'm used to, I've never used a tablet like a script before." Said Godfrey

The technology is no different than reading a book on your tablet at home.
But the bottom line is that we are willing to adopt new practices to make our business more sustainable and reduce our impact on the environment.

Barbara Reyelts, the News Director at Northlands News Center said, "We love it, it works very well for our anchors and most of all its very good for the environment, where we are saving, eventually, entire forests!"

There are still occasions on which our anchors will need to use printed scripts but we're continuing to try to reduce our paper need as much as possible.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch