Fond du Lac Neighborhood in Duluth Still Under Water, Only Residents Allowed In

By KBJR News 1

July 2, 2012 Updated Jul 2, 2012 at 1:57 PM CDT

DULUTH, MN (Northland's NewsCenter )- The Fond du Lac neighborhood in Duluth is one of the areas still under water Friday.

While the waters have started to go back down, a muddy mess is being revealed as residents return home to salvage what they can.

The flood was not the welcome gift one resident expected.

"I just moved there two weeks ago," said Robert Skutvik, a pastor and Fond du Lac resident.

His family of six lives at the parsonage.

"Right now, mission creek has been re-routed right through our backyard. Literally 10 feet off of our steps, we have a river that we never had before," said Skutvik.

They're not moving back in quite yet.

"You really can't describe it unless you're actually there to look at it. It's totally changed the landscape," said Skutvik.

With the only other entrance for Fond du Lac washed out, Highway 23 has become the only entrance, and a command post has been set to allow only residents into the area for the time being.

MnDOT is working on to clear out the mud, but a lot of the road is still under water.

"We have a check point set up so we can make sure that we know who is coming and going...because we don't want just anybody to wonder back in here because of the unsecure properties and just the dangers and the hazards that are out there," said Sgt. Chad Nagorski of the Duluth Police Department.

With no vehicles currently allowed in from outside, an unconventional taxi service has hitched residents together with a four-wheeler and trailer.

"Normally it's to hunting areas but, now it's for something a lot more important," said the driver.

"We're making sure that the roadways are safe to drive on so we don't have any roadways give out or put people in any more danger than they've already been placed in," said Nagorski.

Neighbors say there's been ups and down with the water levels.

"The people that were stranded had barbeque and had a little street gathering and people helping people. It's been great. There has been frustration in a lack of communication even from the point of evacuation," said Skutvik. "We believe by tomorrow that most residents should be back there, as far as clean up effort it's going to take a while."

Because there are up to two feet of water in some areas of the neighborhood, residents are worried about any more rainfall Duluth could get in the next couple of days.

The church service is not happening in Fond Du Lac Community Church on Sunday, but there will still a service just up the road. It's been moved to Bridgeman's in Gary New Duluth, so residents will be able to go there instead.

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