Fact Check: Rick Nolan claims Stewart Mills attack ad "a big lie"

By KBJR News 1

July 10, 2014 Updated Jul 25, 2014 at 1:07 PM CDT

DULUTH, Minn. (NNCNOW.com) --- U.S. Congressman Rick Nolan is claiming a new attack ad by his Republican opponent contains some false information.

In a race that is among the most fiercely contested in the country, Nolan accuses Stewart Mills of using smear campaign tactics.

"Far too many politicians in Washington have no respect for the Second Amendment," the ad says.

The thirty second ad slams Nolan's "F" rating with the National Rifle Association.

"This ad is a dishonest, “big lie” smear campaign tactic that couldn't be further from the truth," Nolan said.

The ad continues, "...In Washington, he (Nolan) has repeatedly voted to take away your rights."

In fact, since Nolan returned to the House of Representatives in 2013, there have been few votes on major gun legislation.

The Mills' campaign points to Nolan's support on the Thompson King Amendment, which would require people to clear a background check before purchasing a gun.

The campaign also cites a vote Nolan made that some say would have implemented a gun registry, but that vote was 36 years ago.

"I think there is no better point there than it shows Rick Nolan is out of touch with the values of this District," Mike Lukach, Mills' Campaign Manager said. "He went on national television within a month of him being in office to endorse gun control."

That is not the whole story.

Nolan did appear on Face the Nation, but he did not endorse complete gun control.

"I don't need an assault weapon to shoot a duck," Nolan said on Face the Nation. "I think they ought to be banned and I think we need to put a ban on the amount of shells you can carry in a magazine."

"Congressman Rick Nolan is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment," Kendal Killian, Nolan's Campaign Manager said. "And the accusation that he (Nolan) doesn't support the Second Amendment is just a complete lie."

The Nolan campaign hit back saying Mills suggested raising taxes on guns in a 2013 Youtube video.

"The ATF collects approximately $24 billion a year in excise fees," Mills said in the video. "If we need to increase the 11% ATF excise fee on firearms to 15% or whatever to pay for it, we need to do that.”

The Mills campaign said the comment was taken out of context.

One more thing you need to know.

Mills' ad says, "Around Election time, Rick will put on his hunter's orange and grab a rifle..."

"The accusation that Congressman Nolan only hunts on election season, that is also a complete lie," Killian said. "Congressman Nolan has been hunting for over 50 years."

The Nolan campaign showed NNC numerous family photos of the Congressman hunting with family throughout past years.

The Eighth Congressional District has one of the highest populations of gun owners, so voters can expect to see more ad's that target gun owners this election cycle.

Nick Minock