Several witnesses testify Johnson allegedly confessed to fatal shooting

By KBJR News 1

May 21, 2014 Updated May 24, 2014 at 9:22 AM CDT

Superior, WI (NNCNOW.com)--- Witnesses gave conflicting testimony today about whether Tiawain Johnson admitted to the shooting death of Toriano Cooper in January of 2012

Former Douglas County jail inmate Byron Robinson told the jury today that he approached Superior Police in January of this year, at the time the trial was originally slated to begin.

He told police that Johnson told him that he had killed Cooper.

That revelation, among others, pushed the trial back.

Robinson testified that Johnson told him he shot Cooper because he had robbed him.

The defense questioned Robinson's credibility, saying he was hoping to gain help with his appeal in exchange for testimony.

An aquaintenace of Taiwain Johnson, Casey Christiansen, told the jury she had overheard a phone call the morning of the murder between her boyfriend, Jerard Hampton, who is also a witness in the case, and Johnson.

Christian testified that Johnson said quote "I did it, it's taken care of."

The defense accused Christiansen of being manipulated by her boyfriend who the defense believes had something to do with the shooting.

Meanwhile Johnson's ex- girlfriend testified that Johnson couldn't have shot Cooper because he was with her at the time of the murder.

"I just know he didn't do it," said Eboni Garrett, Johnson's ex-girlfriend.

"Were you with him on january 15, 2012 in the morning?" questioned Prosecutor Dan Blank.

"In the morning? Yeah, I woke up, Yeah, Yeah,." said Garrett.

"Where did you wake up?" questioned Blank.

"I spent the night over there, I'm sure, I spent the night with him,
said Garrett.

The girlfriend testified that Johnson didn't own a gun, that she knew of.

If all goes as planned, the trial is expected to go to the jury on Friday.

If convicted, Johnson could face life in prison.

Written and posted to the web by Raeanna Marnati