Terrorism charges filed in white powder scare at the Pine County Courthouse

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Credit: Raeanna Marnati

Terrorism charges filed in white powder scare at the Pine County Courthouse

December 16, 2013 Updated Dec 16, 2013 at 8:16 PM CDT

Pine City, MN (NNCNOW.com) —– The suspect in the white powder scare at the Pine County Courthouse has been charged with multiple felony counts of terrorism.

Authorities said 45–year–old Johnnie Earl Long of Braham, Minnesota allegedly sent six letters containing a bacterial agent mixed in with a household powder to Pine County employees, including judges and the Sheriff.

The six envelopes sent to Pine County on November 19th contained letters saying:
"You have failed the citizens of America in providing protection for the public. You have failed to arrest Johnnie Long, for that you also must be held responsible what he has done. You are just like him in every way. He is a danger to himself and anyone he has ever been a part of. By not doing your job, you have left everyone in grave danger. By the time you receive this letter, we will have already taken care of that our way. You must be properly punished for your actions. He needs to be punished for the crimes he has committed. You too, must be punished for the lack of procedure in dealing with his crimes. I hope you all rot in hell right with John."

The Pine County Courthouse was evacuated as a hazmat team was called in to test the substance. Tests revealed that the substance was a household powder with a bacterial agent mixed in.

According to the criminal complaint, police had responded to Long's residence several times since August on reports of simulated explosive devices in his drive way.

Police had also received reports of what appeared to be an explosive device in the driveway of an attorney who had represented Long's ex–wife during their divorce.

After the incident at the courthouse, authorities continued to receive reports from Long, this time saying that he had been kidnapped, blaming his ex–wife and her new boyfriend.

After Sheriff's deputies executed a search warrant on Long in connection with the courthouse evacuation, Long allegedly admitted to making up the kidnappings and that he had wanted to get back at his ex–wife.

During Long's divorce, his ex–wife had filed for an Order for Protection against Long, however he violated that order by e–mailing his ex–wife.

Long told investigators that he had been arrested for the violation and as a result believes he lost out on a promotion at work, lost his good reputation and that his friends had turned on him.

Long also admitted to making the simulated explosives found in his driveway along with the letters sent to the Pine County Courthouse. He allegedly told authorities that he wanted to peg these incidents on his ex–wife and her boyfriend.

Long told investigators that "his only goal was to get his good reputation back and gain sympathy from this around him."

Long is charged with two counts of Real and Simulated Weapons of Mass Destruction, nine counts of Real or Simulated Weapons of Mass Destruction, nine counts of Terroristic Threats, and one count of Crimes Committed in Furtherance of Terrorism.

Long was also charged with two misdemeanor counts of Falsely Reporting a Crime.

Long will be back in court on January 6th for an initial appearance.

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