187 Students Slept Outside In Cardboard Boxes Bringing Awareness To Homelessness

By KBJR News 1

October 25, 2011 Updated Oct 25, 2011 at 3:49 PM CDT

Duluth, MN - (Northland's News Center) - More than 100 Denfeld and East High School students braved the chilly Northland temperatures last night to bring awareness to the problem of homelessness.

187 students slept outside in cardboard boxes along the Central High School softball field for their "Camp-In-A-Box" event.

"Since our economy is going down, so it's becoming more common that people are becoming homeless, so it just gives us a better idea what people actually have to go through," says 11Th Grader at Duluth East, Sammy Stenberg.

The students picked a chilly night to be homeless...temperatures dipped into the mid-30's...but the goal outweighed bodily comfort.

"It makes me feel great, knowing that I'm helping people, many people, and it just feels awesome to be able to help out the homeless and those in need," says 12Th Grader at Denfeld High School, Mitch Faegre.

Denfeld Key Club Advisor, Deb Wendling, says students learned a valuable lesson.

"Hopefully to have kids understand, develop some compassion for fellow students that maybe don't have it as comfortable as they do. And to understand what other kids might be struggling through," Wendling says.

Though their homelessness only lasted the night, the event opened some students' eyes.

"I really can't even imagine...it would just not be cool at all," says Junior at Duluth East Student, Zoey Cook.

"It's important to help people and it's also important to realize we know what they're going through and just how lucky all of us are just to be able to live in a house every night and go to school," said Junior at Duluth East Student, Margaret Stanford.

The students raised well over four-thousand dollars for Lifehouse...a Duluth organization that supports homeless and at-risk youth.

Posted to the web by Danyel Piecek.