Lake Superior College's Robotic Final Exam

By KBJR News 1

December 14, 2010 Updated Dec 14, 2010 at 7:44 PM CDT

A whole semester of hard work comes down to this.
A mechanized final exam.

"For the first 8 weeks of the semester we were on the computer designing 3–D models of what our robot was going to be."

Students from LSC's Concept One class designed and built robots tasked to bring a cup of water from point A to point B. Twice.

"It sounds simple but it's really not when you try to put all the components together and realize they machined it and tested it."

The goal was to get a 6 oz cup of water over obstacles without spilling it. Whoever did it in the least time with the least amount of water spilt would win.

But one team took a unique approach.

"We decided you can spill less water if there was less water in the cup."

Adam Dargan of Team America thought outside the box.

Instead of picking up the cup, he decided to suck the water up and transport it. Filling the cup back up when it was in the proper place.

"It was a success. Everything worked out and we got through the course pretty well."

Others found out the task was a bit more difficult than expected.

Course instructor Max Udovich says skills taught here are helpful when students reach their careers.

"If you go out to be employed as a machinist, you know how to weld. Or if you go as a welder, you can machine and design prints."

And in today's economy, it's good to have a little skill. And some bragging rights as well.

In all, eight teams developed robots for the competition.

There were also robots competing from several area high schools.

Written for the web by Chris Axelson