More Challenges For College Students Than Just Moving

More Challenges For College Students Than Just Moving

By KBJR News 1

September 2, 2011 Updated Sep 26, 2011 at 11:12 AM CDT

Duluth, MN - (The Northland's News Center) - Students across the country are packing up their stuff, and heading off to college.

For many kids a feeling of being welcome to their new home in the Northland is critical.

Nearly 20–thousand new students will be coming into the Duluth and Superior communities this year.

"It's great, I love coming back to school and starting classes," says UMD Senior, Tawnya Knoepfer.

While packing up finding a place to live is difficult...moving for students can also prove to be quite challenging...

"Moving is hard no matter when you're doing it," Knoepfer says.

"The earlier the better just to get things situated, you know? So we're not stepping over stuff or trying to dig through boxes for notebooks and textbooks," says UMD Junior, Robert Knoepfoer.

In the past, move in week hasn't always been very easy on students.

"Having heard from so many different students that said 'hey, why is it that the citizens of Duluth don't like us, we're a good thing for the community, why are they against us," Duluth City Council, Dan Hartman said.

In an effort to make students feel more welcome to the community, some Duluth city leaders have been stepping up their efforts..

"On the chamber side we actually thought of the idea of having a punch card. So we found nine different businesses that are gonna highlight different parts of the city, trying to get students in parts of Duluth that they normally don't think of," Hartman says.

Students say they appreciate the efforts.

"It's pretty important. It's nice to have people welcome you," Tawnya Knoepfer said.

"We've had a couple people already say hey welcome to the neighborhood," Robert Knoepfer said.

In order to welcome new and returning students into the community, the College of St. Scholastica will be hosting two welcome back events...one held tomorrow from five–to–seven and another on Friday from four–to–four–thirty.

Written for the web by Danyel Piecek.