Proctor Students Using iPads

By KBJR News 2

February 1, 2011 Updated Feb 1, 2011 at 8:08 PM CDT

A Northland school district is using a high–tech gadget to improve learning in the classroom.

Proctor school district is taking advantage of advanced technology to help teach a multitude of subjects.

Students in Ms. Proepper's class at Bayview Elementary school are using iPADS as part of their studies.

The third graders are using the tablet device for everything including reading, math, science and a little bit of art.

The devices come courtesy of the federal title one program which helps underachieving students catch up to their peers.

Teachers say the iPADS offer an incentive for students to come to class and another tool for kids who have trouble with pens and paper.

Although we are living in an increasingly digital world, Ms. Propper says it's important to balance technology with traditional teaching methods.

"We need to still use books, we need to still use paper and pencils, we need to still do things on the chalk board or white board, but to have this tool to make it more fun, that makes it more relevant that makes it more independent for the kids, is great I think."

The proctor school district is planning on rolling out even more iPads to students.

It's all part of a larger technology push in the district which includes Wi–Fi in all the schools, and encouraging students to use technology to further their learning.