Rep. Milroy Relases Stament After Being Tackled

By KBJR News 2

March 4, 2011 Updated Mar 4, 2011 at 4:08 PM CDT

Rep. Milroy’s statement
on his attempt to enter the Capitol Thursday evening
March 4, 2011

MADISON -- Last night I attempted to access my office to get some of my personal belongings and was refused entrance to the Capitol.

I have been extremely frustrated by Gov. Walker’s lockdown of the Capitol this week. This is supposed to be the people’s house, open for governmental business – but it has not been. A court order yesterday backed the people up on that point.

For two days now, I have held office hours outside, in the cold, so that constituents could reach me. No lawmaker should have to go to that extent to talk to the people he represents, and the citizens of Wisconsin should have access to the people they elected to represent them.

This armed-palace environment created by Gov. Walker has everyone feeling very tense and emotions are running high.

Last night, I was aggressive in attempting to re-enter the Capitol and law enforcement was aggressive in trying to keep me out. But no harm was done, and other officers worked to diffuse the situation.

I was eventually allowed in and watched as other law enforcement, like Capitol Police Chief Tubbs, skillfully worked to clear the building during closed hours so access can return to normal.

Overall, law enforcement has done an excellent job in a ridiculous situation. They are simply following the orders of Governor Walker.

Today, the new threat coming from Gov. Walker is that if he does not get his way and get his bill passed now, he will begin sending out pink slip layoff notices.

These threats need to stop and we need to return the Capitol and Wisconsin government back to its longstanding tradition of clean and open government.