Transition to premier University comes free of charge

By KBJR News 1

June 10, 2011 Updated Jun 10, 2011 at 8:35 AM CDT

Even with its massive goals, the "UMD Strategic Plan" will cost the university nothing. In fact, it will help to spend money more effectively.
At least that's what Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations, Greg Fox, says.

"The most important part of the plan is making sure that we know where we spend money and why we are spending money."

Fox says the plan clearly outlines the goals of the institution and based on those, they can decide the exact kinds of projects, employees, and research in which they will invest.

"You get to make decisions about how you spend your money. The campus action plan is really an attempt to be intentional about where you spend your money," says Fox.

And as the University braces for more funding cuts, some students worry about racking up student debt.

Jason Reid, the president of the Legislative Students' Coalition says although he's concerned about rising college costs, he trusts the school won't spend any extra money in its efforts to move the university forward.

"Even for students, we're seeing a 5% tuition increase this upcoming year to cover some of the deficit that they have. So they're going to be very careful when they look at this from a financial standpoint," says Reid.

Vice Chancellor Fox says this plan comes out of many student, community and faculty forums, and he believes in its ability to not only strengthen the University but keep its finances in order.

"It probably isn't perfect right now, but the truth is, it is widely accepted as this is the direction that we should be going in the future. And it will help us make financial decisions about what to invest in for the future," says Fox.

A future students and faculty agree will be bright.

Written for the web by Courtney Godfrey