Walker Promises Layoffs, Wisconsin 14 Still In Hiding.

By KBJR News 2

March 3, 2011 Updated Mar 3, 2011 at 10:27 PM CDT

As 14 democratic state senators remain in hiding in the land of Lincoln, Governor Walker announced Thursday evening that layoffs of state employees will begin Friday.

The layoffs are a result of the senate not being able to act on the controversial budget repair bill that forced the senators into hiding.

Governor Walker said "If we do not get to have those savings effective April first I mentioned back then and it is still true today then the alternative is to find some 30-milliond in savings elsewhere or the equivalent of 1500 jobs."

On Wednesday Senate Republicans passed a resolution fining the missing senators 1-hundred dollars a day that they remain absent.
Now the senate has taken it one step further by finding the Wisconsin fourteen in contempt and authorizing the sergeant at arms to bring them home using any means necessary.

Governor Walker said "The reality is we shouldn't have to be going down this path, of preparing for lay-offs but that's really where we're at right now."

These latest developments come as the governor's administration has severely limited access to the capitol only allowing 1-hundred visitors at a time inside.

Former Congressman Dave Obey was among the people trying to enter the building and was turned away.

Obey Said "My question why in the hell they've been expected to wait an hour, this is their capitol, it's not the governors capitol, he's a temporary occupant of that building, he isn't a permanent king, and in my view Wisconsin tax payers have a right to enter that building."

The difficulties in getting into the capitol, have inspired some legislators to move their offices outside, among them Representative Nick Milroy from Superior, who spent the majority of Wednesday outside meeting with people and getting some work done in the great outdoors.

Things took a scary turn at the capitol today.

That after a large number of 22 caliber ammunition was found scattered outside the capitol.

No arrests have been made.