"Gardening to Go Green"

By KBJR News 1

August 11, 2010 Updated Aug 11, 2010 at 9:01 AM CDT

Having your own backyard garden is like having a gold mine when your fruits and vegetables are ready to harvest.

In this weeks "Your Green Life" Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson takes a look at a local eatery that has taken the backyard garden to a new level.

There's nothing like fresh fruit and vegetables at our favorite restaurants across the Northland.
From garden to public table can be a challenge but there are ways to stay clean and live green.

"It began with a lot of changing over products we use in the restaurant. Removing Styrofoam and plastics and replacing it with compostable materials," said Tom Hanson. Co-Owner, Duluth Grill.

While using these earth–friendly materials, they also were able to reduce their total waste.

"We started recycling everything we could possibly recycle, and we started pulling out the compost material. We went from 12 yards of waste a week down to four," said Tom Hanson.

And at the Duluth Grill, they are not just buying local, they are growing local.

"We've counted, we have about 16 different products. A lot of it is just for looks. Once it comes to bloom we use it in the restaurant when available and we are going to give some away if we can," says Tom Hanson.

As well as serving fresh directly from the restaurant garden they can also cut the amount of fossil fuels that would have been used to ship the products to their restaurant. In the future, the Duluth Grill is planning on growing more fruits for their homemade desserts.
And they're even making their own ketchup.
In Duluth, I'm Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson, The Northlands NewsCenter.