"LED Holiday Lights"

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"LED Holiday Lights"

December 1, 2010 Updated Dec 1, 2010 at 12:40 PM CDT

The holiday season often means a lot of green and red lights and decorations.
But one of those colors should be your main focus this season.

In this week's "Your Green Life" Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson takes a look at the different ways you can make your holiday greener.

LED holiday lights have been around for several years now and while they may cost a bit more than traditional lights, they can provide significant benefits over incandescent bulbs.
When Minnesota Power decorates its annual Christmas tree in Duluth they use only LED lights.

"I think that by using LED holiday lights it's a really easy way for folks to start on that path to being more energy efficient in their home", said Amy Rutledge with Minnesota Power.

So what are some of the benefits of using LED Holiday Lights?

"Well LED lights have a lot of benefits, including, they are 75 percent more energy efficient than traditional Christmas tree lights, they also last ten times longer, they're also more durable and they are cool to the touch so they reduce the risk for a fire hazard as well", said Amy Rutledge with Minnesota Power.

Here's the difference.
The energy of one seven watt incandescent bulb, can power 140 LED lights.
Something else to think about...if you plan to ditch those old energy eating strings of Christmas lights, you can do it in a green way.

Airpark Products & Services in Duluth has partnered with the Recycling Association of Minnesota to safely recycle your old strings of lights. And you won't only help the environment by taking your lights to Airpark Products and Services.

"Airpark Products and Services is a program that works with people with disabilities so this is a great opportunity for them to give back to the community", said Amanda Porath.

Last year the "Recycle Your Holiday" program recycled more than 100,000 pounds of lights.
This year their goal is to double that.
The recycled light bulbs will be crushed and the glass recycled. Even the wires will be recycled. The copper inside will be stripped and marketed to area vendors.
In Duluth, for Your Green Life, I'm Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson. The Northlands NewsCenter.

To find places you can recycle holiday lights visit:

You can also drop off your lights directly to Airpark Products and Services. For more information call them at:
(218) 723-4631