Music To The Ears

By KBJR Manager

April 27, 2011 Updated Apr 27, 2011 at 10:11 AM CDT

The kind of recycling one Duluth man does is not quite what most of us think about when we think recycling, this fellow takes old electronic equipment and turns it into beautiful music.

Dave Anderson has his story.

Tim Kaiser's house in Duluth came as a mail order kit from Sears back in the 1920's.

Tim's too young to have done the building but he builds plenty of other things from the electronic junk people leave on his porch.
That explains the somewhat odds sounds that often emanate from the place.

The swirls of sound come from Kaiser's basement studio and his home built synthesizer.

"This is a type of optical Theramin that uses infrared beams to convert the signal and process it into sound. I just hold my hand over it."

Other components include a rotary phone and a Nintendo Game Boy.

"I have a deal with my kids. If they have a toy and they break it, I get it."
The compositions he plays on the machine are called electronica, avant garde, experimental or a few other tags.

"I guess the best description of my music is atmospheric. It's electronically based music."

Tim admits his music isn't everyone's cup of tea but he has a following around the country.

He's not just a basement Phantom of the Opera. He tours several times a year.

"I probably go on tour three times and that works out to 40 to 60 shows depending on what the tour is."

Tim also builds and sells other odd instruments. This bass based around a snowmobile drive cog is ready to ship to a client.

"This is meant for spooky, industrial kind of stuff."

Kaiser enjoys his musical niche and is glad to make a living from it.

"And I think everyone should do something creative in their life. I think your life is more whole if you have some kind of creative endeavor."

In Duluth, Dave Anderson, the Northland's News Center.

Tim Kaiser will play a concert in Chicago this weekend.

He'll be back in town in time for the Home Grown Music Festival in May and he plans to release a vinyl album that will be available at places like the Electric Fetus