"Spring Recycling"

By KBJR News 1

May 31, 2011 Updated Jun 1, 2011 at 11:44 AM CDT

You have probably heard the phrase "One's Mans Trash is Another Man's Treasure."

In this Week's "Your Green Life" Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson takes a look at how to green up your spring cleaning.

Spring is here, the weather has been nice and its time to start cleaning out the closet and garage to make room for summertime.
If you have items that you no longer need, recycling is the best way to get rid of many unwanted items.

"The largest item percentage wise is clothing, we need useable, resalable furniture. We also take books and shoes. Any household item that still has the capability of generating revenue through store sales", said Greg Conkins.

If you have T–Shirts or a Mattress, Goodwill can give these items a second life.

"That generates about 600 thousand pounds of reusable and recyclable material, said Greg Conkins.

Including recyclable steel from mattress coils which are sent to Emee Global for use in other construction projects.
Also, if you're taking the items you wish to donate in a box, Goodwill has an environmentally friendly use for that cardboard too.

"We do compact it into thousand pound bales and we sell it to a St. Paul company who will go through a process and make new boxes out of it. All across the country donations are really down to non–profit agencies such as ourselves", said Greg Conkins.

Goodwill has been around for more than 90 years helping people in need, so remember that your spring cleaning trash can create treasure for others. Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson, the Northlands Newscenter.

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