Young Stewards Clean Up Their Environment

By KBJR News 1

October 5, 2010 Updated Oct 5, 2010 at 10:25 AM CDT

Fall cleaning projects are underway around the area.
But residents of Duluth's Woodland neighborhood got a little help in their projects.
David Hoole reports in this week's Nature Matters the helpers were learning to be good stewards of the earth.

(clean -up nats)
Students from four Catholic Schools around Duluth deployed throughout their neighborhoods to pick up litter and recyclables as part of the annual Pickathon event.

"One part of Catholic social teaching is that we care for the earth and so this gives them a chance to be good stewards."

Rainy weather didn't slow down the work of the young stewards, they worked hard to spruce up areas both natural and not so pristine. (grabs can from broken light pole). They all take the job seriously.

"Makes me feel mad, throwing stuff away, they could use trash cans."
"There is a lot of things in there that people just throw down. It hurts the earth."
"Spencer found handlebars. Half the bags are ripping because we have so much stuff in there, there is a whole series of books in here. This is filled so much it's ripping."
"Don't be a fool, recycling is cool."

"They might learn not to trash so much themselves for one thing, and it might make them feel good that they're helping the neighborhood look nice."

"We have a beautiful place here in woodland it would be nice to keep it that way."

In Duluth, I'm David Hoole for Nature Matters.

Students from Kindergarten through sixth grade took part in the event.
It is a fundraiser for Duluth area Catholic schools.