Your Green Life: "Art of Hair Salon"

By KBJR News 1

January 10, 2013 Updated Jan 11, 2013 at 8:55 AM CDT

Duluth, MN
Lisa is an artist, but she's conscious of the fact that her canvas lives and breathes.

"I became more aware of chemicals." Says Lisa Casperson, Owner and Hair Artist at the Art of Hair.

She has devoted her life to creating beauty as a hair stylist, but there was something bothering her about the products that she was using.

"Many of the high end products have ingredients in them that actually cause hair loss and the main one is PVC, any kind of plastic." says Casperson.

You heard her right; plastic, just one of many unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients that are used in many shampoos.
But do organic products really work better?

Dannae Olson, a stylist at Art of Hair told me, "The products work the same as any other product our max green alchemy is totally organic, 100%. And a lot of people have allergies to chemicals and they can't shampoo their hair with the smell."

Even the hair dyes that are used can be consumed with no ill effect.
Customers appreciate the cleanliness, and friendliness of the atmosphere this little salon works so hard to achieve.

"When you walk in every day she has it cleaned and you walk in and there's no smell, actually it's a very good smell, and people say that all the time when they come in here. They are like, wow it smells so great in here, and I mean it's essential oil so it's all organic." said Olson.

In this salon you are greeted with a pleasant aroma of essential oils, and no chemicals left burning in your nostrils.

"I want it to smell good, I want it to feel good, I want to be healthy." says Casperson.

Located above the salon is a used book store and a massage parlor.

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