Your Green Life: Fortune Bay Is Green To A Tee

By KBJR News 1

January 26, 2012 Updated Jan 26, 2012 at 9:22 AM CDT

Tower, MN (Northland's NewsCenter)
Although the greens are fringed with snow right now, the Wilderness Golf course is undergoing a green change during the off season at Fortune Bay near Tower Minnesota.
The "Green to a Tee" initiative recognizes golf courses that make it a point to be environmentally conscious.

"What it does is it encourages and recognizes golf courses for some of the many positive things they do for the environment." said Vionce Dodge of Fortune Bay's Wilderness golf course.

Things like habitat management, water conservation, and recycling.
The program has several different levels of achievement with various requirements.

"We are at level two currently and there are four total levels in the program." said Leah Tomasetti, also of Fortune Bay.

The resort plans on continuing to improve their achievement level as the years go on.
The green business plan has become a part of not only the resort, but the people who maintain the course as well.

"It has been impressed upon me and everyone else in the project to make sure that this golf course has as light of an environmental footprint as possible." said Dodge.

The goal of leaving a light environmental footprint is an important one for any business in the northland.
Initiatives like "Green to a Tee" help make the first stroke towards sustainability.

"We need to be environmentally sound, we need to protect the environment and as much as we can do to put our foot in the door and be apart of that, we would like to do that." said Tomasetti.

Already the course uses 35% less fertilizer than a normal golf course.
In the off season, plans are continuing to form to lessen the courses negative impact on the surrounding woods and ponds.

"One of the biggest things we plan on doing this coming year is reducing our fertilizer usage by a little more, shrinking areas of the golf course that we maintain to a higher standard." said Dodge.

Thanks to this environmental initiative, putting on the green leaves less of a footprint.

"They're right for the environment and they are right economically." said Dodge.

In Tower for Your Green Life, Adam Lorch, the Northlands News Center.

The program has also saved money by going green, which the resort says reduces the expense for customers.