Your Green Life: "Sustainable B&B"

By KBJR News 1

March 22, 2012 Updated Mar 22, 2012 at 10:08 AM CDT

Nestled just outside the quiet town of Bayfield, is one of the first sustainable bed and breakfasts in the Northland.
Steve and Nancy Sandstrom are the owners and operators of the Pinehurst Inn. The Sandstroms follow a simple, yet well rounded, business philosophy.

"We believe in the "Triple Bottom Line" philosophy, of looking at the financial, and social, and the environmental consequences of the way we run our business." Said Steve, the owner and operator of the B&B

Looking at these three points, Steve and Nancy have created a sustainable and profitable business.
Going green has become a common trend for Bayfield businesses, and has almost become a way of life for their residents.

"Bayfield as a whole has more "Travel Green" certified businesses in the state than any other community." Said Nancy

"Travel Green" is a certification that many businesses in Bayfield have earned for sustainable practices.
One way to be sustainable and promote the local economy, Steve says, is buying local foods.

Steve says, "Our goal has been to try to have at least 75% of our food local and organic."

Steve says that by buying local foods, it not only keeps with the business philosophy of the Inn, but also promotes local businesses to his customers.
Another sustainable step for the B&B was installing solar thermal heaters.

"We try to do solar energy for hot water, for the garden house. Right now there's a large solar collector right on the south side of the property." Said Steve

Steve adds that in the summer, the solar heaters generate almost all of his hot water.
The list of green practices at the Inn go on and on, from the way they built the Inn, by not using old growth wood, to the irrigation, and even encouraging their guests to reduce the bottles of water they consume by offering alternatives in the rooms.

"One of the biggest environmental wastes there is right now is buying individual bottled water." Said Steve

In Bayfield Wisconsin, Adam Lorch, The Northlands News Center.

The Bed & Breakfast also has a Spa treatment package with massages, a sauna, and much more. We have created a link below to their website.

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