• Nature Matters: Aquarium To Open New Crow Exhibit

    Wednesday, Feb 27 at 10:57 AM

    Crows have two personas: intelligent master of their domain and disruptive distributor of garbage when they get into your trash. The Great Lake Aquarium in Duluth wants people to learn more about the birds' good qualities. The Aquarium is building a new display for a gregarious crow and Dave Anderson tells us what they hope to teach in this week's Nature Matters.

  • Your Green Life: "UMD's Civil Engineering Building"

    The University of Minnesota in Duluth is once again being recognized for building a sustainable facility. This is the third award given to the building since it was finished in 2010. In this weeks Your Green Life, Adam Lorch heads to the Civil Engineering building to get the story.

  • Your Green Life: "Finding Sustainable Valentine's Gifts"

    Finding local flowers in the midst of a Northland winter can be difficult, but there are still sustainable options for your romantic gift. In this week's Your Green Life Adam Lorch looks at how you can make this pink and red holiday a little more green.

  • Nature Matters: Boreal Owls Moving Into Northland

    An uncommon species of owl is visiting the Northland this winter. That has bird watchers from around the country flocking to our region. Dave Anderson tells us more in this week's Nature Matters.

  • Nature Matters: MN 20/20 Wants More Solar Power

    In the last few years, the State of Minnesota's has begun some ambitious efforts to shift to sustainable forms of energy in the public sector. At least one group of people, though, thinks efforts to electrify private homes via the sun have fallen short. In this week's Nature Matters, Dave Anderson talks with the group's spokesman about overcoming the hurdles that keep Minnesota's solar future cloudy.

  • Your Green Life: "City of Duluth Going Green"

    The Local Energy Action Plan, or LEAP, counsel met at the DTA office in Duluth earlier this week to further discuss a plan to make Duluth a more sustainable city. The intent of the meeting was to gather public feedback to the draft plan, and consider possible changes. In this week's Your Green Life Meteorologist Adam Lorch reports on the possible sustainable changes in Duluth's future.

  • Your Green Life: "Biking to Campus"

    A company in the cities thought of a way to incentivize riding bikes instead of driving a car by offering deals and discounts at local businesses. Here in the Northland, UMD has adopted this new trend and offered its students prizes for peddling sustainably to class. In this weeks "Your Green Life" Meteorologist Adam Lorch get schooled on the 'Bike to Campus' Program.

  • Nature Matters: USCGC Alder Protects Great Lakes From Oil Spills

    It is estimated there are about 27 thousand lakes in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The biggest, of course, is Lake Superior. School kids from Proctor recently learned how the Coast Guard keeps lake water clean.

  • Your Green Life: "Effects of Road Salt"

    Roadways in the Northland during our cold winter months are often treated with salts for the safety of the public. But what effect do those extra salts have on our ecosystem? In this weeks Your Green Life, Adam Lorch looks at the effect of this culinary seasoning on our roads and environment.

  • Your Green Life: "Art of Hair Salon"

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But one Duluth stylist is making her customers hair more beautiful, while keeping the environment in her Salon chemical free. In this week's Your Green Life, Adam Lorch heads to a salon where they are styling and brushing their way into the green community.