• Your Green Life: "Black Coffee Served Green"

    Thursday, Mar 28 at 6:34 AM

    The first thing many of us do in the mornings is grab that first cup of coffee to jolt us awake. But what goes into making that piping hot, perfectly roasted, ever so splendid cup of coffee? In this weeks "Your Green Life" Adam Lorch heads to Bayfield Wisconsin where black coffee is best served green.

  • Coalition Files Petition For Changes to Tar Sands Oil Pipelines

    (NNCNOW.com)-- A coalition of several groups is demanding change in the way the government regulates the transportation of tar sands oil.

  • Nature Matters: Maple Syrup Time is Here

    The Northland's Native People have known for centuries that when the spring days get mild and the nights stay cold, it's time to get to work. It's the time to make maple syrup. In this week's Nature Matters, Dave Anderson takes a look at the Native roots of the treat and how anybody can make a little for themselves.

  • Your Green Life:"Cleaning Up Oil"

    The Natural Recourses Research Institute of UMD has created a sustainable way to clean up some of the most devastating messes created by Humans. In this weeks "Your Green Life" Meteorologist Adam Lorch finds a green way to clean "black gold".

  • Your Green Life: "Animals Going Green"

    Some businesses offer incentives to their employees for being sustainable or green. But what about making a whole set of challenges? In this weeks "Your Green Life", Adam Lorch heads to the zoo to see how man and beast are working together to be green.

  • Nature Matters: Sturgeons Returning To Lake Superior

    As far as fish go, the popular walleye is actually an attractive animal; at least to many anglers. The sturgeon, though, is perhaps a fish only its mother could love. The ancient looking Lake Superior dwellers are on a come back these days. Dave Anderson tells us how the job is getting done in this week's Nature Matters.

  • Your Green Life: Food Waste

    Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.COM) --- You probably heard your parents say it... "You better eat all the food on your plate, there are starving kids somewhere who would!" Despite the urging of all our parents, food waste in our country remains a huge problem. In this week's Your Green Life, Adam Lorch serves up ways we can help mitigate food waste in the Northland.

  • Nature Matters: Canoe Building Class Recreates Voyageur Era

    The voyageurs who plied the Northland's waters hundreds of years ago were a hardy bunch. They needed to be strong to paddle large canoes packed with cargo and supplies. A little of the voyageur era still lives on today; especially in a workshop north of Duluth. In this week's Nature Matters, Dave Anderson tells us about a class that's building and old school canoe.

  • Your Green Life: "Energy Design Conference and Expo"

    The growing green movement has led to thousands of innovative ways to save energy and money. This week at the DECC in Duluth the Annual Energy Design Conference and Expo got community member and businesses together to share these ideas. In this weeks "Your Green Life" Meteorologist Adam Lorch heads to the DECC to meet and learn from the regions most knowledgeable experts on sustainable building.

  • Nature Matters: Aquarium To Open New Crow Exhibit

    Crows have two personas: intelligent master of their domain and disruptive distributor of garbage when they get into your trash. The Great Lake Aquarium in Duluth wants people to learn more about the birds' good qualities. The Aquarium is building a new display for a gregarious crow and Dave Anderson tells us what they hope to teach in this week's Nature Matters.