• Your Green Life: "Effects of Road Salt"

    Roadways in the Northland during our cold winter months are often treated with salts for the safety of the public. But what effect do those extra salts have on our ecosystem? In this weeks Your Green Life, Adam Lorch looks at the effect of this culinary seasoning on our roads and environment.

  • Your Green Life: "Art of Hair Salon"

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But one Duluth stylist is making her customers hair more beautiful, while keeping the environment in her Salon chemical free. In this week's Your Green Life, Adam Lorch heads to a salon where they are styling and brushing their way into the green community.

  • Your Green Life:"Green 2012"

    With 2012 behind us and a fresh year to come, what resolutions can you make to become more sustainable? Last year our communities took several steps in the green direction, both big and small. In this weeks "Your Green Life" Adam Lorch looks at some of the accomplishments of the year, and explains how even a small step in the green direction can still make a big difference.

  • Your Green Life: "Reuse Gift Cards"

    One of the most common gifts during the holiday's for that hard to buy for person is a gift card. But after cashing in on the card, it is tossed in the trash. But one school in Duluth had an idea to recycle the gift cards. In this weeks "Your Green Life" Adam Lorch strums a tune on a, green, note.

  • Your Green Life: "Gilley's Naturals"

    It's not only large corporations and cities that are trying to take steps in a greener direction, but small businesses in small towns are also finding success in going green. In this weeks "Your Green Life" Adam Lorch treks north to the quiet town of Cook Minnesota for some organic health and body products.

  • Minnesota Power Wind Energy Project Complete

    Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) --- A project by Minnesota Power to help bring more clean energy to the Northland is finally complete.

  • Your Green Life: "Energy Efficiency Program WITC"

    If you're looking to buy a new home, one of the things you will consider is the energy efficiency of the house. In this weeks "Your Green Life" Adam Lorch heads to WITC were students are training in energy efficiency building.

  • Your Green Life: "Eating Fresh Local Fish"

    Buying local vegetables in the summer is a great way to green up your meals. But in the fall and winter it can become difficult to find fresh local foods to enjoy.

  • How To Brew Your Own Beer

    Homebrewing has become a favorite hobby across the Northland. Adam Lorch takes us step–by–step with some real hop heads to show you how simple it really is.

  • Your Green Life: "Flying Green"

    A construction project that started in Duluth two years ago is almost ready to open. Soon travelers will be able to enjoy all the amenities of a new, green, airline terminal.