• Your Green Life: "Madeline Island Ferry"

    Many businesses in Bayfield Wisconsin are doing their part to drive the city to be more sustainable. In this weeks "Your Green Life" Adam Lorch returns to this green city to show us another sustainable step they have taken.

  • Nature Matters: Duluth's Wildwoods Rehabilitation Rehabs Animals

    Spring is here for the animal kingdom and that means a lot of baby animals will be hopping around. We humans sometimes find little critters that appear to need our help. Do they really? Dave Anderson talks with a group that rehabilitates wild animals in this week's Nature Matters.

  • Your Green Life: "Rooftop Garden"

    Imagine walking just a few blocks from work, to a garden in the middle of the city, and picking fresh vegetables for lunch. A group of people are able to do just that whenever they please. In this week's "Your Green Life" Adam Lorch takes us to a little garden oasis right in the middle of downtown Duluth.

  • Duluth School Recognized for its Environmental Education

    Washington, D.C. (Northland's NewsCenter) --- The North Shore Community School in Duluth is one of 78 schools across the county that is being recognized for creating green environments in their school.

  • Duluth Puppet Troupe Puts On Smelt Fest For Earth Day

    Lots of Northland towns have festivals celebrating various critters and even foods. Some Duluthians want a new festival to honor one of our region's tasty treats and they're taking creative, and tall, steps to do it. Dave Anderson explains.

  • Your Green Life: "Geothermal Heating"

    Are you building a new house? Or maybe you're looking to add value to your existing one? Well you can do both, while going green. In this weeks "Your Green Life" Adam Lorch explains how one renovation can add value to any home.

  • Your Green Life: "Scrap for Cash"

    We all know the three golden rules of sustainability, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. In this weeks "Your Green Life" Adam Lorch explores the third "R" and tells us how recycling can put some cash in your pocket.

  • Your Green Life: "Handmade Soaps"

    Store bought soaps have a list of chemicals that most of us cannot even pronounce, yet we use them everyday to clean our skin. One Superior woman is making soap with all natural ingredients that is healthier for your skin, and the environment. Adam Lorch explains in this weeks "Your Green Life".

  • Your Green Life: "Making Biodiesel"

    Last week in "Your Green Life" Adam Lorch went to Bayfield to visit a sustainable Bed and Breakfast. In this weeks "Your Green Life" he goes back to the B&B where owner and operator Steve Sandstrom continues his sustainable practices, by making his own fuel, resulting in impressive savings.

  • Your Green Life: "Sustainable B&B"

    With gas prices on the rise, finding a cheap and eco friendly place for a relaxing vacation is on the minds of everyone. Adam Lorch takes a scenic trip to a local, and sustainable, Bed & Breakfast in this weeks "Your Green Life".