• Nature Matters: Raptor migration in full swing at Hawk Ridge

    Birds of prey may be fierce over land but they seem to be afraid of water. That's why they funnel through the Twin Ports on their annual autumn trip south. That usually means a bonanza for bird watchers. Dave Anderson tells us about birds on the move in this week's Nature Matters.

  • Your Green Life: "Sustaining Our Timberland"

    There are significant economic and environmental positives that go with sustainable forest management. In this week's Your Green Life, Meteorologist Adam Lorch heads to the vast timberlands of the Northland to bring us the story.

  • Tree planting party brings new life to Duluth neighborhoods

    Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) - Dozens of people came together in the Lester Park area of Duluth on Monday for a community tree planting party.

  • Your Green Life: "Gardening Junky"

    Gardening season is nearing the end for this year, but for those green thumbs looking to next year's we have a sustainable option you may want to know about. In this week's "Your Green Life", Meteorologist Adam Lorch shows us a store that's using repurposed materials to add a decorative and functional option for your home.

  • Your Green Life: "Household Hazardous Waste WLSSD"

    Do you know what kind of chemicals are hiding under your sink, or in your garage? WLSSD can help you discard all those nasty chemicals just lying around, and they will do it for free! In this weeks Your Green Life, Meteorologist Adam Lorch brings us the story from a newly renovated Household Hazardous Waste facility.

  • Your Green Life: "Northland College Food Independence"

    Ashland, WI (NNCNOW.com) - Northland College in Ashland has much to show for its historical environmental mission. A part of that mission that's growing quickly is the pursuit of local foods for use in the cafeteria.

  • Your Green Life: "ReStore"

    Being green doesn't have to be only about helping the environment, but also it can help people in need. Habitat for Humanity's ReStore is aiming to help people in need by recycling and reusing things that you would just toss in the garbage. In this weeks Your Green Life, Meteorologist Adam Lorch brings us the story from Superior where sustainability and community are going hand in hand.

  • Your Green Life: "Cleaning Green"

    Soaps, glass cleaners, and floor cleansers host several chemicals that can be detrimental to your health and the environment. But by using the "Universal Solvent", also known as water, you can have a safe and clean way to clean up oily messes. In this weeks Your Green Life Meteorologist Adam Lorch heads to the College of St. Scholastica where a new machine is making cleaning green.

  • Your Green Life: "Solar Cars"

    Hartley Nature Center held a car race last week. But it probably isn't like any other race you have ever seen. In this weeks Your Green Life Meteorologist Adam Lorch hits the track where some youngsters built and raced sustainable cars.

  • Your Green Life: "Green Booze Bizz"

    With the booze business booming in the Northland, many companies are separating themselves by going green. In this weeks your green life, Meteorologist Adam Lorch finds out what the green buzz is all about at the White Winter Winery.