• Nature Matters: License Plates Help Shore Birds

    Feigning a broken wing to lure predators away, the Killdeer is one of the Northland's most fun birds to watch. In this week's Nature Matters, Dave Anderson tells us how we can restore habitat for the Killdeer and other shore birds.

  • Your Green Life: "Green Eggs And....?"

    So what did come first, the chicken, or the egg? Well at one farm in the Northland it all starts with the chicken and ends in the sustainable growth of eggs. In this week's Your Green Life, Meteorologist Adam Lorch flew the coop to learn about a cage free farm producing green eggs.

  • Nature Matters: Trail Cameras Not Just For Hunting

    Over the last few years, trail cameras have grown in popularity around the Northland. Many use them to scout hunting territory but other use them just to take pictures. In this week's Nature Matters, Dave Anderson shows us the shots a photographer can get with proper placement and a little patience.

  • Your Green Life: "Victus Farm Thriving"

    UMD in conjunction with the city of Silverbay started a project last year to create a sustainable and organic farm. After some trials and experiments, the farm is starting to produce leafy goods and also live fish. In this week's Your Green Life Meteorologist Adam Lorch heads up the north shore to check in with the organic farm in Silverbay.

  • Your Green Life: "Green Auto Body Shop"

    The auto industry has long been known for going green with hybrid and electric vehicles. But what if you can't afford to shell out the green for a newer, energy efficient vehicle? Maybe you can touch up your old ride the green way. In this weeks Your Green Life, Meteorologist Adam Lorch shows us how you can get your car painted green, in any color you want.

  • Nature Matters: Tips And Myths About Baby Animals

    In this week's Nature Matters, Dave Anderson talks to animal rehabilitators to learn the signs that indicate an animal needs human help.

  • Your Green Life: "Little Neetchers"

    Before disposable diapers were invented in the late 40's cloth diapers were a way a life. But disposable diapers are filling our landfills with tons of material and potential hazardous materials.In this weeks Your Green Life, Meteorologist Adam Lorch practices parenting and shows us a new, and improved cloth diaper.

  • The Barnes Community Rebuilds, Nature greens up after Devastating Fire

    The Germann Road Fire had a devastating effect on the people of Barnes, Wisconsin but experts say it will end up having a good impact on the surrounding forest.

  • Your Green Life: "Green Crafts"

    Art comes in many forms and in the Northland there is no shortage of materials you can make it from. In this weeks "Your Green Life" Meteorologist Adam Lorch visits one group making art with recycled local materials.

  • Your Green Life: "Bluestone Lofts"

    Graduation season is in full swing around the Northland, but when students return to the UMD campus next year, many will have the option to enjoy a new, sustainable, way of living. In this week's Your Green Life, Meteorologist Adam Lorch moves out of the dorms and into a Bluestone loft where green, reigns supreme.