Fitger's Beer Bottles Back On Northland Store Shelves

By KBJR News 1

May 2, 2012 Updated May 2, 2012 at 8:20 AM CDT

Duluth, MN (Northland's NewsCenter)
It's not everyday you see a 36 Dodge truck cruising down Superior Street.
This one is a relic from the Fitger Brewery and it was loaded with a new version of an old taste.

"Fitger's Beer is back. The real Fitger's Beer." said Fitger's Brewery Complex co-owner Scott Vesterstein.

The original Fitger's beer came in heavy glass bottles from the 1800's to prohibition.
During prohibition, the company bottled soda.
In the 30's canned beer came around but faded away from Duluth in the early 70's.
Schell's Brewery in southern Minnesota had the name in the 70's.
Other places in Wisconsin and Minnesota tried various attempts to bring it back from the 80's to just a few years ago.
Fitger building owners Vlasie Solon and Scott Vesterstein have this latest bottled come back made in Duluth.

"First of all, it has to be local. I think it is important to me and also to Fitger's. We spent a lot of time creating a beer we thought was superior." said Vesterstein.

David Anderson (no relation) of Fitger's Wine Cellars and Beers says the new brew is his biggest seller already.
He says that's a sign that this version of the brand will last.

"I do, I believe so. I've been in the liquor industry for a number of years and I've seen the microbrews and brew pub trends that have been around for close to 20 years and they're not going away." said Anderson.

"Solon and Vesterstein realize that not everyone drinks beer. That's why they do have alternatives."

Fitger's Coffee has been around since 2008.

"Coffee has been extremely successful. We have four blends of coffee and it's in a lot of locations here and through the nation." said Vesterstein.

Since Fitger's made soda in the 20's, Scott Vesterstein and Vlasie Solon tell us pop may be the next product brought back home.

"We're thinking about that. It may even be a root beer but we're not sure at this time."

But, beer fans are sure an old Fitger's slogan will soon be heard again around the Northland.

"Everyone here likes Fitger's Beer!"

In Duluth, Dave Anderson, the Northland's News Center.

Vesterstein and Solon want to remind beer connoisseurs that Fitger's Beer in bottles and the tastes on tap at Fitger's Brewhouse are from different companies.
They stress that both flavor favorites are great, though.