Nearly $1.5 Million Worth of Meth Seized Across Arrowhead, Authorities Thank Grant

By KBJR News 1

November 14, 2012 Updated Nov 14, 2012 at 7:46 PM CDT

Chisholm, MN (NNCNow.com) - Law enforcement departments across the Arrowhead Region have seized almost $1.5 million worth of Meth within the past five years.

Authorities say that the accomplishment has a lot to do with several grants they've received.

"This grant has been huge," said Chisholm Police Chief Vern Manner.

Manner says that grants secured by the Northeast Law Enforcement Administrators Council (NLEAC) have been critical in helping officers keep Meth off the streets. In the Arrowhead region they've seized over 5,900 grams of Meth in the past five years.

"Over one million dollars worth seized," said Manner, "That's Meth that isn't in somebody's hands."

The three grants secured over the past six to eight years have been for the purpose of fighting Meth. They've totaled over $2 million.

The grants not only fund the equipment that's used to help find those that are making and selling Meth, but for the overtime of the officers investigating the cases.

"Drug cases can take an extreme amount of overtime when you start working the case and the case goes on and on and on," said Manner.

It's money that Chisholm Mayor Mike Jugovich says has been well spent.

"We haven't had a Meth house that we're aware of for some time now and I think that's attributed directly to a grant like this and to outstanding work by our police department," he said.

While Manner says the Meth they've seized is an excellent start to keeping it off the streets, they're far from reaching the end.

"I don't see it [Meth use] slowing down anytime soon," he said.

Chief Manner says they plan to continue applying for grants to help fight Meth.

The NLEAC consists of 32 different sheriff and police agencies throughout the Arrowhead Region.

Written for the web by Jennifer Austin.