Orders For Protection: Part 2

By KBJR News 1

November 14, 2012 Updated Nov 14, 2012 at 12:15 PM CDT

Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.COM) -- An Iron Range woman is still awaiting her day in court after she was allegedly kidnapped and held against her will for nearly a month in the summer of 2011.

Now the federal trial for the man accused has been postponed once again!

When she was snatched off the street Roberta Caskey had an order for protection, but as we found out the court order wasn't enough to protect her.

"9-11...I need the cops out here now, where? My, my friend just got kidnapped by Timothy ...Where? Caskey, where, where are you?

Bobby Mott, whose voice you just heard...and Roberta Caskey were out for a walk in Virginia the evening of July 14, 2011.
Mott told police Timothy Caskey drove up and forced his estranged wife into his truck and fled.

"I got her cell phone, she threw it down...I tried to grab it that's when Timothy knocked me in the head."

Timothy had a history of domestic abuse and violence.
He got out of jail for violating an order for protection the morning of the alleged kidnapping.

Ironically he was let out early for good behavior.

As a survivor of domestic violence Roberta did everything right...she always had someone with her, she carried her phone and at the least bit of danger she called police.

Roberta told police Timothy called her three times the day he was released from jail, violating her protection order.
She said each time he phoned... she called police as confirmed by a 9-1-1 operator.

"...a restraining order on him...and she...Yeah she's been calling us all day that he's been violating the harassment order."

"Those phone calls could not be substantiated. At the particular time...the origin of those calls...they were coming up blocked numbers," said Chief Timothy H. Koivunen of the Eveleth Police Department.

At the time of the alleged kidnapping Eveleth Police Chief Timothy Koivunen worked for the Virginia P.D.

He told us subpoenaing phone records to substantiate calls takes time.
When officers located Timothy he denied making the calls...and without probably cause, they could not arrest him.

"So they did tell him to go home...they also made a visit to Roberta Caskey to tell her where he was staying...stay away...make sure you have your phone available to call 9-1-1," Koivunen said.

The alleged kidnapping of Roberta Caskey sparked a nationwide manhunt.

"This took us from the city of Virginia, across state lines...through a bank robbery, to a stolen vehicle...into Mexico...to another country...it was a very, very odd case," Koivunen said.

Almost a month after her disappearance...Roberta and Timothy were located in Mexico.
She returned to Virginia and he was taken into custody for questioning.

Court documents indicate Timothy Caskey told FBI agents that "voices" told him to take his wife to save their marriage.

These documents also indicate Caskey told them he used medication and had Schizophrenia.

Orders for protection can be effective.

A study funded by the National Institute of Justice found half the women who receive one did "not" experience a violation within the following six months.

Many women like Amanda; a domestic Abuse Survivor put their trust in these court orders.

"...he cannot contact me by phone, he cannot come near the residence...he can't have no contact what so ever," said Amanda, a Domestic Abuse Survivor said.

As unusual as the Caskey case was...it's proved a valuable lesson for domestic abuse advocates and law enforcement.

"This is one of the cases we've looked at what had happened...and hopefully we can prevent that from happening again. I keep saying, thankfully Roberta was brought home safe to her family," Koivunen said.

Timothy Caskey is being held at the Federal Prison Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota which provides specialized medical and mental health services to male offenders.

Timothy Caskey's kidnapping trial is now set for February 4th in Duluth.