Severe Weather Awareness Week

By KBJR News 1

April 19, 2012 Updated Apr 19, 2012 at 9:30 AM CDT

Duluth, MN
Tornadoes are among nature's most violent phenomena. To better prepare for the possibility of a twister touching down, the National Weather Service is holding statewide siren drills.

"Basically go through a plan of action with your family on what to do if a tornado occurs, this will help refresh you on where to go when things get dangerous." Says Chief Meteorologist Adam Clark

We had an abnormally warm and dry winter, but that doesn't necessarily mean we will have an abnormal summer.

Adam Clark said, "There is no La Nina or El Nino right now, which means No Nino. So we are expecting a near normal summer."

That means a near normal tornado season for the Northland, which averages about 3–4 per year according to the National Weather Service.
Many believe that Lake Superior keeps tornadoes from touching down in Duluth but meteorologists say that is not the case.

"Any area can be hit by a tornado." said Mike Stewart of the National Weather Serves here in Duluth.

When you hear a tornado siren the protocol is to gather your family and take immediate cover.

The National Weather Service will run a mock tornado siren at 1:45pm Thursday for both Minnesota and Wisconsin.
At 6:55 later that day the siren will sound in a drill for participating counties in Minnesota.
Also an update to Duluth's weather warning system. Last week a system failure had some sirens sounding without the audio warning and some audio warnings without sirens.
Duluth city officials say that has since been fixed.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch