Your Green Life: "Rebuilding a Forest"

By KBJR News 1

May 23, 2013 Updated May 23, 2013 at 8:09 AM CDT

Grand Rapids, MN

Two large companies in the Northland came together in Grand Rapids to rebuild the land from which they conduct their business. Brad Oachs from Minnesota power said it was a perfect opportunity to better the environment.

"The land that we no longer needed for the old transmission line we were able to give that to them in exchange for the land they gave to us for the new transmission line." Said Oachs

This stretch of land once was a power line corridor. Minnesota Power re routed the line to better serve their customers, in exchange they gave the land back to the wilderness.

Cheryl Adams, a Forestry Biologist says, "By replanting the whole corridor, were increasing it by 90 acres, the forest, making it more contiguous for wildlife, that's really, really important."

90 acres comes out to be about 81,000 saplings that will be planted.

"They'll be white spruce, red pine and white pine. And that's mainly because we're not going to plant any of the wetlands," said Adams, "The wetlands will be best be taken care of by letting them coming back on their own."

It will only take crews 3 days to replant what will be an everlasting habitat for wildlife.

"We have planting crews here right now, and those planting crews, they usually plant, one person usually can plant about 2,000 trees a day." Adams said.

The old power line ran through the center of a 15–thousand acre forest, the new line will be shorter and travel through less forest land.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch