Races On The Iron Range

By KBJR News 1

August 6, 2010 Updated Sep 9, 2008 at 7:58 PM CDT

Some candidates spent Tuesday encouraging young people to vote.
Chris Buckley has more on that and other races from the Range.

House majority leader Tony Sertich joined Al Franken's daughter Thomasin at local community colleges Tuesday.

To talk to students about getting involved in the political processs.

"For the past few years we've tried to help young people get active, if you vote at a young age you tend to vote for life, so we're trying to encourage young people."

"I feel young people have the energy, time and passion to really get excited this year and we're helping them get involved and get the vote out for November."

Sertich, a fourth term representative, is facing a primary opponent this time, but says his message is staying the same.

"Not much has changed about me, I still fight for the bread and butter issues, education, health care, property taxes, college tuition, those things that really affect our economy, these are the issues I want to stand up and fight for."

Education and college financing are also major components of the Franken campaign.

"yesterday we launched a new platform giving families making 200,000 and under a tax credit of 5,000 for 4 years to help young people pay for college, I think people right here, right now at HCC are facing how expensive college is and they need help to afford it."

There are seven candidates vying for three seats on the Chisholm city council... all three incumbents are running for re-election, and six of the seven will advance to the general election.

In Hibbing, there are four other candidates vying for the Ward A city council position currently held by Dan Marich.

For Range 11, I'm Chris Buckley.

There are three candidates running for Mayor up in Ely... current mayor Chuck Novak, Heidi Omerza and Roger Skraba.