Milroy Wins

By KBJR News 1

2008 Election Results

Milroy Wins

August 6, 2010 Updated Nov 5, 2008 at 12:37 AM CDT

As many polls and analysts predicted, Democratic candidate Nick Milroy has won long-sitting 73rd Assembly representative Frank Boyle's seat.
Frank Boyle retired.

He beat his oponent, independent candidate Jeff Monaghan 81 to 19 percent.

Milroy's campaign has been working hard to develop a strong grass roots campaign over the past seven months and they did not expect so many votes.

He says he's excited to win the position... and he's ready because he knows the issues that matter to Northern Wisconsinites.

"Our economy up here, you know we've lost jobs to companies that send them overseas and on top of that a lot of property taxes have been going through the roof for middle class families so we need to have state policies that ensure that companies that send jobs overseas don't get tax breaks in Wisconsin," Milroy said.

Milroy says he believes he will bring an environmental perspective to the legislature because he served overseas in the U.S Navy and majored in Biology in college.

Barbara and Michelle, Milroy has also been involved in a variety of environmental organizations and projects.

Milroy says he's always been interested in politics and he's currently serving his second term in the Superior City Council.