Brutal Murder Leaves Community In Shock

By KBJR News 1

August 6, 2010 Updated May 27, 2009 at 9:59 AM CDT

The brutal slaying of a 93-year old woman has left the Hayward community in shock and has many people asking what could possibly have pushed two people to commit what authorities have called a thrill kill with satanic overtones.

In the wake of murder charges Trevor Roy talked with community members about this tragedy.

Ninety-three year old Irena Roszak is described as a pleasant, woman who lived quietly through her life, but on the night of May third her long life came to a horrific and violent end.

Sawyer County Sheriffs officials say 15 year old Austin Davis and 27 year old Christopher Rolason broke into Roszak's home, savagely beat her with a chair and then violently stabbed her over and over again.

The criminal complaint says the 15 year old told police he heard Rolason tell Roszak that she should pray to the devil for salvation because God wasn't helping her.

Both the teen and the 27 year old man have been charged with first degree intentional homicide and burglary and are in jail awaiting trial .

The two were arrested after several people came forward saying that Roalson had been talking about the attack and murder.

Residents say they are having a tough time with this horrific crime, especially the part about the devil.

"I just don't get their theory and thinking, you know as far as the satanic overtone around it, that's a whole other story, but either way it was a heinous crime that didn't need to happen."

The murder has shaken many people's core beliefs about the safety of living in small towns.

"I think crimes like that don't just happen in big cities and so people in small towns need to be aware of what's going on too, and know it can happen to anyone."

"This heinous crime has sent shock waves through Hayward and the surrounding area and has some members of the town's older residents questioning their safety."

"As a senior citizen I find that some of these members of society prey on senior citizens."

According the criminal complaint filed on May 22nd, Roalson and Davis had met only days before the murder.

Authorities say it was a random attack, in fact the pair had chosen a couple to kill who lived down the street from Roszak.

However when they approached the couple's house a motion detector turned on a light and frightened them off.

They didn't go far, though, just down the road to Irena's house where she lay sleeping in her bed.

If convicted both assailants face mandatory life sentences.

15-Year old Austin Davis is being charged as an adult because of the severity of the crime.

He is currently enrolled in the Bruce school district which is near Lady Smith.