Friends Remember Victim Of Duluth's Second Homicide

By KBJR News 1

August 6, 2010 Updated Jul 23, 2009 at 5:09 PM CDT

The victim of Duluth's second homicide of the year was remember in Cloquet today.

Tiffany Tarrolly met many of his friends, and shows us how Albert Morrison's memory will live on.

"If I needed help or something, Al would always try to help as much as he could.He'd look out for people, all of his friends he'd look out for," said Morrison's friend of nine years, Justin Brooten.

Albert George Morrison, or Al as his friends called him, was beaten to death in this alley last week, for sixty cents.

His friends struggle to understand the crime.

"I think it was absolutely incomprehensible that the nature of some human beings can be that, in my opinion, evil," said long- time friend, Scott Patrick Litwin.

"This shouldn't have happened really. He didn't deserve it. Nobody deserved it, but Al especially didn't deserve it," said Brooten.

Even in light of such a senseless tragedy those who were close to Morrison chose to remember him with a smile, even a laugh.

"Hahaha, Al would want us to," said Litwin.

The day he was murdered, Deb Holman, a CHUM outreach worker, was helping Morrison fill out forms to go back to college.

"He will really be missed at CHUM and in the CHUM community," said Holman.

"He had a planned future. He knew what he was going to do and it's a shame that it was taken away from him because he had a lot of potential," said Brooten.

Smart, funny, humble, generous, self- less, caring; all words that will live on in the memories of Morrison's family and friends.

"We love him," reflected Litwin.

The two suspects in the case are scheduled to appear in court August 12th.