Changes To Minnesota Deer Shining Laws

By KBJR News 1

August 6, 2010 Updated Aug 30, 2009 at 10:40 PM CDT

With hunting season fast approaching, it's important to be sure you're following all the changing laws.

Tiffany Tarrolly tells us about some new laws in Minnesota regarding deer shining.

Deer shining has long been practiced by hunters across Minnesota.

"A lot of people knowing deer are out in the field at night and they want to see what they have for deer in their area," said John Chalstrom, co-owner of Chalstrom's.

Deer shining is freezing deer in lights to temporarily immobilize them, or to scout out your next hunt.

"Them big bucks will stay hidden all day long but they'll come out and feed in the middle of the night," said Chalstrom.

It's always been illegal to shine with a loaded firearm.

But, because of an increase in wildlife poachers who are abusing their right to shine, the D- N- R has changed that law.

It is now illegal to shine while in possession of anything that could be used to take out wild animals.

As for recreational shiners without firearms, the old law allowed shining on residential or posted property until 10:00pm between September first and the end of the year.

Now, the new law says you can shine only two hours after sunset all year long.

"I think it's good that the deer have a few hours when we're leaving them alone. We can hunt them all through the deer season and during the light hours," said Chalstrom.

Conservation officers have begun issuing warnings to help educate people about the new laws.

Bear hunting season begins this Tuesday.