KDLH 3 to Broadcast 6:30 Newscast

By Nate Stoltman

KDLH 3 to Broadcast 6:30 Newscast

August 6, 2010 Updated Dec 9, 2009 at 12:41 PM CDT

The Northland's NewsCenter is excited to announce that beginning on Monday, January 11, 2010, KDLH 3 will broadcast the Northland's first, and only, 6:30 PM newscast. The KDLH 3 News at 6:30 will help to create two hours of live, local news in the early evening on KBJR 6 and KDLH 3.

"The Northland's NewsCenter prides itself on providing more local news than any other broadcast media organization in the Northland," said David Jensch, vice-president and station manager. "The addition of the KDLH 3 News at 6:30 further proves our commitment to giving the Northland more news, weather and sports."

The KDLH 3 News at 6:30 will feature exclusive content plus updates on the latest news, weather and sports--at a time that is more convenient for many viewers.

"Viewing habits have evolved over the years," said Barbara Reyelts, news manager. "The traditional newscast times of five, six and ten do not work for everyone. Jobs, kids, and other commitments often pull us away from a television when newscasts have been traditionally broadcast. This new newscast will hopefully fill a void in our area."

A few new faces will be coming along with the addition of this newscast.

"We are fulfilling our promise to give the Northland more news," said Reyelts. "With the addition of another newscast, we’ll be adding more journalists to help gather more stories."

The KDLH 3 News at 6:30 will be anchored by Kevin Jacobsen, Chief Meteorologist George Kessler and Tom Hansen, but as with the KDLH 3 News at 5:30, there will be a dedicated producer with independent editorial control over content and story choices.

Seinfeld, the show currently airing at 6:30 will be moved to another time period that has yet to be finalized.