Lily The Bear Gives Birth

By KBJR Manager

August 6, 2010 Updated Jan 22, 2010 at 7:27 PM CDT

Posted By LeAnn Wallace

For the first time in history a black bear giving birth to her cub in the wild was shown live to the world.

Lily, who is now arguably the most famous bear ever is holed up in a cave near Ely.

She gave birth today while tens of thousands of people watched.
It's reality TV in its most natural state.

The small cries and moans began around 11:45 Friday morning...

The 3–year old black bear doesn't know it — but she and her cub just made history.

"The actual process of birth has never been witnessed in a wild bear that we know of," said Sue Mansfield, a bear researcher.

The camera, positioned at the opening of the den will stay in place for now.

"It'll be a major first to see all the details of how she takes care of the cubs."

It took Lynn Rogers and his group of researchers years to build a trust with Lily to make this video possible, relying on what they call "treats and trust"

"And with a stroke down the back, which reassures the bear to touch, is a universal language, the bear, and then my voice, my smell, it's familiar, okay I trust you," said Rogers.

"It's me Lily..."

The Northland's News Center was there when the camera was installed.

"The fact of being with a bear, and seeing the woods through its eyes and ears and nose, and how they respond to everything, getting in on those secrets are just intriguing to me," said Rogers.

And apparently intriguing to thousands of others as well.

Lily the bear has become quite the Internet sensation. As she gave birth, at times as many as 50–thousand people were logged on to watch.

We're putting it in a bear proof tube. We've customized the grommet to hold a microphone."

"Welcome to the Internet world."

So what's next for the now famous bear and her cub?

"Licks them clean, we know from zoo observations and then just takes perfect care of them like any other animal the rest of the winter with no food intake, making milk," said Rogers.

Doing what bears have done for generations...the only difference is now the world can watch.

If you want to take a live look at Lily and her cubs...you can log on to: