Moose Lake School Helps Kids Eat Healthy

By KBJR News 1

August 6, 2010 Updated Jun 1, 2010 at 10:24 AM CDT

Although the school year is almost over, one Northland Elementary school has developed an action plan to get kids eating healthy. Matt Standal takes us to Moose Lake for what could be called a "school-food revolution."

"Apples and bananas,yogurt and cheerios, grapes and oranges, and apples..."

Here at Moose Lake Elementary, kids are learning to eat their fruits and vegetables.

"They make us feel healthier; they make us feel energized... and what does it do to our brains?"

Thanks to a state grant, the school is piloting a new healthy snack program until the end of the school year.

The big shocker: kids actually like the healthy food, from grapes to string cheese.

"I think the biggest thing the kids like is just the opportunity to break up the day and enjoy a healthy snack."

The snack cart comes to each classroom with a healthy snack once a day, delivered by a boy named Bo.

The program is just three weeks old but is already changing how students feel about eating their favorite foods.

"My mommy is starting to buy healthy things because she saw this program and she found it it's better for babies to have healthy things!"

"One really nice thing about first grade is that you can integrate it into all subjects. We can talk about it in math, how many grapes, how many oranges. We can draw pictures of it. We can write letters about it. We can read about it."

"We're starting with the kids, and we're hoping the kids bring this back home. That they bring this change into their families."

And that means not as many of these... And more of these.

For Moose Lake Elementary, the snack cart is just the beginning.

This week, students and cafeteria workers will hold taste tests to build a healthier and tastier menu for kids next fall.