As Winter Draws Closer, Cable's Telemark Lodge in Hands of Bankruptcy Judge

By KBJR News 1

August 21, 2013 Updated Aug 21, 2013 at 9:10 PM CDT

Cable, WI (NNCNOW.com) - The closing of Telemark Lodge and the laying off of its hundreds of employees in March has already had its impacts on Cable and the surrounding region, according to Cable Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director James Bolen.

"People staying at Telemark are spending money in the Cable area, and... with those rooms vacant those people aren't here," said Bolen outside the Chamber offices. Wednesday.

Prospective buyers, investors, and planners have come and gone over several months—some at the last minute—which has hurt Telemark business hopefuls, like Tyrone Irons, who had hoped to transform the lodge with his horseback riding business.

"At the last minute I was told that we we're out. That's really what happened—it kind of blindsided us," said Irons in an April interview.

Now it seems a series of deadlines is plaguing the resort's questionable future.

With major events, like the Fat Tire Festival, only a month away, the Chamber is working hard to secure permission to utilize the grounds in the name of tradition.

"You've got to bring in generators because there's no power, you've got to bring in porta–potties because there's no sewer," said Bolen.

The Chamber has also been fielding calls from hundreds of disgruntled people who haven't heard from management on getting their deposits back. But the unheated lodge itself faces a deadline.

In between the gaps of a fence in front of the resort you can see a still–full pool; inside the lodge are pipes that still have water in them, making the need for action all the more dire before winter sets in.

"You start running into the fear of pipes freezing, and further damage to the infrastructure and the facilities because of that," added Bolen.

On Monday Bolen says there will be a bankruptcy hearing, and if the judge sides with the bank, there will be a five week window for the lodge to still sell. Come October with no sale, however, it would go back to the bank. But Bolen says even that could bring hope.

"[It will] clean up some of the debt, and leans, and issues that are out there. And a buyer, or buyers, [could] come forward with some interest, and we'll see something happen," said Bolen, with cautious optimism.

Until then, it's more of the same at the once world–class resort.

Last week, a group that included State Representative Janet Bewley and a number of economic development organizations toured the lodge to explore possibilities.

However, Bolen says nothing concrete has come of it yet.

- Posted to the web by Billy Wagness