Bemidji, MN ( --- Authorities in Bemidji have arrested a male suspected of calling local businesses and identifying himself as a Bemidji police officer. 45-year-old Arron Robert Weatherspoon of Bemidji addmitted to making the phone calls and impersonating a police officer. Weatherspoon was charged with a misdemeanor violation in the incident. The department received five complaints on March 10 in which a male subject called local businesses and identified himself as a police officer. Each time, the subject spoke with female employees, and asked for personal information such as an address, phone number and their physical descriptions. The Bemidji Police Department recommends not providing any personal information to people over the phone. If someone identifies themselves as a police officer, their questions should be of a professional nature and the office will be able to provide identifying information. Written and posted to the web by Raeanna Marnati