No Candidates on the Ballot for Three Brookston Positions

By KBJR News 1

October 25, 2012 Updated Oct 25, 2012 at 9:46 PM CDT

BROOKSTON, MN (In an election year where many candidates are fighting tooth and nail to get elected, in one town, elections are continuing on a more relaxed path.

In Brookston, the ballots are blank.

While there are some election signs scattered around the town, there aren't any for Brookston candidates, who are all running write-in campaigns.

"We didn't get it in in time for the ballot, so that's what happened," said Wayne Graves, the city clerk.

The candidates for the three positions of mayor, city clerk and councilor, don't appear too worried whether voters know they are running.

"If they don't know then, we'll tell them when they make their vote," said Graves.

"It's a small town and everybody knows that I'm running," said Bob Rabbers.

Rabbers, who's challenging the incumbent mayor, got into the race after the June floods destroyed his home and property.

"There's a lot of work, and that's another thing I'm going to try to go for try to get this community into the National Flood Plain Association... trying to get this road fixed coming in here and the bridge," said Rabbers.

His girlfriend is running for city clerk.

"We're going to go door to door and hand out information," said Nadine Fosness, which she says should only take a day.

The populuation of Brookston is about 140.

"I believe we're going to get about 32, 32 voters for the election," said Graves.

"I just want everybody to make sure that they know what their options are on different things and I just want to see this town flourish," said Fosness.

Graves, the current City Clerk, is not challenging Fosness.

"I've done it for four years now, and before that I was Mayor."

So far, if no one else gets into the council race, he may step in as the newest councilor

"I'm the only Republican so you got to have checks and balances."

Graves says on average the city leaders spend about four hours per month working in those positions.

Posted to Web by Jena Pike