Cirrus Aircraft Takes Their "Vision" On The Road

By KBJR News 1

May 14, 2012 Updated May 14, 2012 at 9:35 PM CDT

Rochester, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) -- Duluth based Cirrus Aircraft is flying high these days.They've secured the funding to build their Vision Jet and they're touring the country to show off the company's newest product.

"The Vision" is the first of its kind in the current aviation market.
LeAnn Wallace got a chance to hit the skies for an "Inside" look.

Aviation enthusiasts lined an airplane hangar in Rochester Minnesota, to catch a glimpse of the Cirrus "Vision" in action.

"This will be my first chance to see the Cirrus jet fly so we've very excited about that." said Fred Runde.

Last month Cirrus announced the company secured the additional funding needed - nearly $100 million, to get the jet through certification and initial production.

"So obviously, very excited about that and looking forward to getting it done."

So far the Vision has logged more than 500 hours in the sky. Mike Stevens was in the pilot's seat for half those trips.

"It's smooth, it's quiet, it's fast. It's a personal jet. I think that's what we all aspired to when we were kids growing up."

The "Inside Cirrus" events don't just showcase the new jet. Other personal Cirrus planes are also on display, catering to what's being considered a new found up tick in the aviation industry.

"I think the demand has been pent up, sales have been going quite well and the economy is bouncing back and people do need to travel more for business and to reach their vacation homes and to see family and kids in college," said Gary Black, Regional Sales Director.

A strong Cirrus is good news for the Twin Ports, which is fast becoming an aviation hub. Kestrel Aircraft will soon call Superior home, and AAR has announced that they're taking over the old Northwest Airline Hanger.

"It's great to keep all the aviation talent of engineers, technicians, and vendors in the Twin Ports," said Black.

Cirrus is expecting the first customer delivery of the $1.7 million jet in 2015.