Dayton makes a trip to Duluth to help college students

By KBJR News 1

January 25, 2014 Updated Jan 25, 2014 at 1:57 PM CDT


Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton made a stop in Duluth.
He answered college students' questions about their future in the workforce.

The Governor visited UMD but addressed students from all four Duluth college campuses.

Students voiced a variety of concerns, but the rising costs of higher education stood out above all.

"Our MNSCU campuses are state of the art they provide the best higher education as possible so young people are trained and ready for jobs and ready for the job market. We've made some progress in that but we have a lot more to do," says Dayton.

Reduced funding in educational needs, rising tuition, and high priced specialty tests, have made pursuing a degree increasingly difficult for students.

"The overall costs for me to take all my tests for my license which is completely separate from my tuition is 785 dollars," says one concerned student.

Even with the available funds many schools are not getting all the money they need due to smaller allocations by the board of regents which effect many things including building repairs.

"We are so far behind in basic upkeep and maintain ace," Dayton responds.

Some students showed frustration.

"We can sidestep the federal reserve by creating our own bank and that would send a message to the beltway that the time of the federal reserve is over. Thank you."

Governor Dayton assured students he had plans for the future.

I have an idea and I'm open to other suggestions for a source of revenue, I'm not going to get into it today. It's not e pull tabs.

Governor Dayton followed his trip to UMD with a visit to the DECC.

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