Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) - Beer enthusiasts can now pop a top for their local food shelves. Finnegan's Irish Amber is launching its sixth annual 'Drink Like You Care' campaign. Now through the end of December, Finnegan's distributors are matching profits for anyone who buys the beer on–the–shelf or at Pizza Luce, SuperOne or Cashwise. One pint of beer sold equals one serving of fresh produce for food shelves. "We do have an increase in sales every year during the months when we do this – our service likes to push it for a company that has a meaning behind it, so there's a push from them so I think customers are happy to donate as well," Paige Doty, a Pizza Luce manager, said. Finnegan's goal is to raise $40,000, which equates to more than 80,000 pounds of food. Justin Reis, NNC.