Duluth, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) - A St. Louis County specialty court is celebrating 10 years of helping drug addicts find recovery. "I've been sober for two and a half years and it's only because of drug court," Pamela Roalstad, a drug court graduate, told an audience at the St. Louis County Courthouse Friday. Roalstad helped honor the milestone along with judges, public offenders, and attorneys. The diversionary court, formed by multiple branches of the law, helps monitor a defendant's progress as they travel down the path to sobriety. The court has changed the lives of 400 people since 2002 and in many cases, kept people alive. "I never in a million years thought I'd be where I am at today," said Roalstad. "I speak to my mother and she says she hasn't seen me this sober in over 30 years." "Drug Court did not have to exist," said St. Louis County attorney Mark Rubin. "The people had the vision, had the heart, had the passion for their community step forward and put this together." There are 40 drug courts operating in Minnesota with funding coming from grants. Kevin Jacobsen Bio - Facebook - Twitter - E-Mail