Duluth News Tribune Endroses Rep. Cravaack

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Duluth News Tribune Endroses Rep. Cravaack

October 22, 2012 Updated Oct 22, 2012 at 10:35 AM CDT

Duluth, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) --- The Duluth News Tribune has decided to endorse Rep. Chip Cravaack (R - MN) for the 8th Congressional District Seat.

According to the DNT's endorsement article, released on Monday, the newspaper decided to throw their support behind Rep. Cravaack because of his willingness to "stand up to wasteful government spending while consistently standing with his constituents back home."

Here is a portion of the endorsement article from the Duluth News Tribune:

"Like so many of the news releases, protest signs and attack ads before it (and, unfortunately, still to come), the information painted an ominous picture. Doom and gloom stuff.

This time, U.S. Rep. Chip Cravaack was rewarding multinational corporations that ship jobs overseas. Hundreds of thousands of jobs were being lost to “Cravaack’s plan,” the Sept. 27 statement from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee claimed.

“That shows how out of touch these guys are,” Cravaack told a member of the News Tribune editorial board who called the same day. He was in support of a simpler, flatter tax code, he explained, because the U.S. has one of the highest tax rates in the world right now and large corporations are fleeing the U.S. — have been for years — in favor of tax-friendlier shores abroad.

“We have to incentivize these businesses to come back,” Cravaack said. “They want to come back. … But they just can’t do it. They have to initiate and create jobs where it’s easiest to do so. So we have to partner with businesses and corporations to bring them back to the U.S.”

So a simpler, flatter tax code isn’t meant to reward any corporation for shipping jobs overseas but is a way to win them back home — and “to get the United States competitive again,” Cravaack stated.

A sensible explanation, the likes of which unfortunately has had to be a part of Cravaack’s re-election campaign this fall. Not only is he running against a Democratic opponent, Rick Nolan, whose last foray into politics was as a congressman more than 30 years ago in the wake of the Vietnam War, but he also has been running against a machine (or several of them) hellbent on pumping out misinformation, half-truths and ugliness.

Cut through it, though, and the thing that becomes clear for voters in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District is that the passionate, strong and effective leader they elected two years ago is the same congressman they can re-elect on Nov. 6. Cravaack went to Washington to stand up to wasteful government spending while standing with his constituents back home. He has done exactly that. And done it well.

“I took the same principles I used as a naval officer to Congress: Protect the country, preserve the Constitution,” Cravaack, a former union airline pilot, said at a candidate forum this month in Duluth. “Over the past two years, we have created bipartisan, pro-growth, pro-job legislation.

“Right now we have two very different courses that America is planning to take,” he said. “One course is a course with solvency, prosperity and opportunity for our children and the next generation of Americans. The other is more debt, more deficit (and) more decline. I know these times are tough. But I truly believe Americans are tougher.”

To read the rest of the article you can log onto the Duluth News Tribune's website.

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