Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) --- Duluth is on track to break into the top 10 snowiest Marches on record. Last year at this time, temperatures were hovering around 73 degrees in Duluth. The snow came hard and fast Monday morning, causing more than a headache for many. In Duluth and Virginia, the Minnesota State Patrol responded to four crashes with injuries and more than 20 with vehicle damages. Some say they are ready for Spring. "I like winter, but it's gone on long enough,” Nick Kehtel, of Duluth said. “To be honest I'm sick of coming out here and having to shovel off my car, and walk around in the snow and get my feet wet. I'm ready for the sun." Others say they can't get enough of the snow. "It's nice to have that last big ride before spring comes and all that muck," Paula Streit, a snowmobiler who lives near the Twin Cities said. And for some, it means another day on the job. "You get to go to work, if it doesn’t snow you don't work," Jan Hinnenkamp, of Hinnenkamp Striping said. "It just means some more time out on the street being cold, making sure we are finding clear pathways to go through, and being safe as always," Seven Oswald, a Mailman with the U.S. Postal Service said. In March of 2007, snowfall totals reached 25.5 inches, making that the 10th highest snow total on record since 1850. As of 1 p.m. Monday, Duluth had 24.5 inches of snow. "We are really close to that top 10 of snowiest Marches,” Chief Meteorologist Adam Clark said. “We are most likely going to be in there because we've still got a number of days left in March." This time last year, the snow started melting in January, and many of the trees were starting to bud. A difference this year, officials with Spirit Mountain say they welcome. "It just leaves people with a really good impression about the season,” Renee Mattson, Executive Director of Spirit Mountain said. “They may not remember that there was no snow in January, but they will remember we had nice temperatures in March, and we had a ton of snowfall." In March of 1917, Duluth had about 48 inches of snowfall, making it number one on the list of top 10 snowiest Marches. Jennifer Walch Bio - Facebook - Twitter - E-Mail