Duluth Police cracking down on parking violations as snow removal continues

By KBJR News 1

February 24, 2014 Updated Feb 24, 2014 at 8:09 PM CDT

Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com)--- Duluth police are cracking down on motorists by writing tickets for parking violations as plow crews work to remove the recent snowfall.

The problem mainly lies with motorists who are illegally parked on the wrong side of the road and motorists that are not following the city's 24 hour parking rule

The city of Duluth is cracking down on drivers and ticketing them for violating these rules, given the recent snowfall and the fact that plow drivers are trying to clean up city streets and cars in the way make it harder.

Sergeant Ryan Morris with the Duluth Police Department says in the winter the police deal with an excess amount of parking issues due to snowfall.

The police department has been out in full force since the storm, towing and ticketing cars that have been parked illegally on both sides of the road.

In Duluth, calendar parking switches every Sunday and cars have to move across the street, If Cars are parked on both sides of the road it makes it impossible for snow plows to get through.

Also, Duluth has a city ordinance that requires cars to be moved every twenty four hours.

It is generally not enforced in the summer, but in the winter months it is essential for plows to move around and clear the snow.

The heavy snowfall is posing significant challenges for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

But police say it is crucial that the roadways and sidewalks need to be cleared.

"Its clearing streets for the plows, clearing streets for emergency crews , you know fire trucks, police cars that have to go through these streets , you know if the people can't even pass down with their regular cars , the big fire engines can't. The school districts also have the issue because their buses have to go down these streets to pick up the kids."

Parking violations start at $21.

Police are also towing vehicles which can cost vehicle owners up to $100.

The Duluth Police Department is also adding extra squads this week to deal with the parking violations.

They will be out in full force all week ready to ticket and tow.

Also of midnight, Saturday, February 22, the Duluth Police Department has responded to 57 parking-related calls and have towed 13 vehicles.

Written and posted to the web by Raeanna Marnati