Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) - Duluth native Julie Stave is no stranger to design and creativity, having spent the past 12 years staging homes for realtors. Shortly after the fatal plane crash that took the life of former Rose Man Kevin Ferris in March, Stave was introduced to Ferris's long–term girlfriend, Roz Randorf by a mutual friend. Since then, the two have shaped their mutual passions by helping share Ferris's dream for the small, but beloved, flower shop on Central Entrance. "I do have a passion for design. I do have a passion for putting a smile on people's faces and really making their day. That's a part of who I am," said a smiling Stave outside of her new shop. Stave says she's excited to finally take part in the live floral business. Her first major shipment of roses is expected sometime Tuesday, and she's hoping to have the doors open by Wednesday.